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Dreams Of Turquoise Chapter 3

‘What’s  wrong with N?’, my face turned red by hearing his name.
‘N was seen with his Reshiram flying above Relic Castle’,  Elesa walked towards me holding a turquoise colored thing.
‘According to our research he must’ve acquired dream mist and enters people’s dreams leaving a turquoise stone everywhere.’

Cheren took the stone and gave it to me.
‘He entered my dreams asking where he could find you, Black’, Elesa sighed.
‘He must’ve contacted you too, we want you to track him down and end this.’

I don’t want him out of my dreams…

‘I’ll do it’, I said without thinking first. I want to be with him. Not in my dreams but here touching his face, feeling his lips burn in my neck, touching my skin.

‘Black’, Elesa touched my shoulder and woke me up from my daydream.
‘If I were you I would look for him in his castle. He must be there every night to enter the dream world. Look for him there.’

I watched Elesa and Cheren walking to the old gym. Elesa was busy making a plan for a new gym at the end of the amusement park. I called out my Golurk and left.
Tonight, I’m going to N’s castle.

As I came home, darkness began to lick the rooftops. The evening set.
Mom came outside and welcomed me with a preach about eating three meals a day and taking care of Pokémon. She took me inside and gave me a giant bowl of hot soup. The evening became night and the moon stood high above the sky when I left with my Golurk to the crumbling old castle. The night was cold and I wished I had learned a fluffy bird to Fly so it could keep me warm. I almost froze up there so I called out my Tepig to warm me up. We arrived at the old castle. I heard sounds from a hollow music box. I started moving towards the sound. I noticed a little girl dancing in front of a door.

Maybe it’s his sister?

I walked towards her. She looked up and seemed in shock by seeing me and ran inside. I hesitated.

Do I really have to do this?

‘Yes I have to do this.’ I entered the room behind the door. I was shocked. Broken trains and decapitated plushies were all over the place. The little girl holding a music box walked towards me. Her dark green hair was tangled and looked untended. In the half pipe was a giant hole and a Musharna laid on top of the pipe. Tired, maybe even dead. It needed care and it needed care right now. N was nowhere to be seen.
‘What happened here?’, I asked.
The little girl grinned and bowed. She took my hand and walked me out. We went upstairs and entered another room. The girl next to me looked clean and neat, her hair was in a knot with a bow on top of it. I looked up and saw two Zoruas playing on a giant table.  And there was a boy standing behind them.

He has green hair.

He faced me and I blushed. He opened his mouth and said:

“I saw you had my dreams”
Soooo the long awaited new chapter... Thanks to :iconjoyfuljulie: for beta reading
I can smell dem lemons... They are coming near to us.

pokemon does not belong to gamefreak.
art and fiction belongs to me
mon-amourr Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
ik kan niet wachten op het volgende deel ^^ Niceee!
J0DaNc3r Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Thaaanksss!!! Next part coming as fast as it can!!
mon-amourr Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Yay, I can't wait!!
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